• How To Keep Your Family Healthy This Flu Season

    With the school in full-swing and the holiday season creeping up on us, there is no better time than now to start making decisions that keep you and your family members your most productive, most focused, and most energized. And who doesn’t want mo...

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  • Your Work Life Balance Is The Only Thing That Matters

    Despite recent trends in the US of more and more parents to be allowed to work from home, dads (and increasingly, moms alike) in the US are expected to work longer hours and take less time off of work.  In 2017 Boston College designed a......

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  • Your Brain & Positive Thinking

    The power of positive thinking is all the rage right now.  From elite athletes and entrepreneurs, to teachers and students in the classroom, everyone is trying to gain an extra edge over stress. Positive thinking, researchers claim, can help red...

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  • Why Kids?

    Every parent wants what is best for their child yet it’s hard to know where to begin to set our kiddos up for a lifetime of success. Ultimately, success comes down to one thing-brain function. We get many parents, or parents-to-be asking the questi...

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