Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Infants and children need healthy nervous systems to reach their full potential. With the exponential growth and development of a child, there is no better time for their nervous system to be in balance. Chiropractic care immediately after birth and periodically thereafter helps your child to express more of their health potential. A difficult birth can cause trauma and underlying injury to your newborn’s spine and central nervous system. As your child continues to grow and develop, their spine undergoes various levels of stress as they learn to walk, crawl, play and become involved in sports and activities. Many of these experiences result in interference to the nervous system of your child. Pediatric chiropractic involves gentle, specialized techniques for the tiniest of newborns throughout all stages of childhood to create higher levels of health expression. We use gentle adjusting techniques that allow your baby or child to feel comfortable, safe, and nurtured. As children get older, we talk with them about how their body works. Their questions are terrific and we are always amazed by their insight! Connecting children to the innate wisdom of their bodies is something we treasure. Benefits of pediatric chiropractic care include optimal brain development, achieving developmental milestones appropriately, a strong immune system, a balanced digestive system, improved sleep, the prevention of injuries, and optimal health physically and emotionally.