What to Expect

At Nexus Family Chiropractic, we have a unique and transparent process that will leave you feeling like family at every step of the way.

At your first appointment, you’ll sit down and have no-cost consultation with the doctor where you get to discuss in detail all of your health concerns.  During this consultation, you’ll discuss goals with the doctor and get an in-depth explanation of exactly how we can help you if you’re a good fit for our office.

Immediately following this consultation in the same visit, you’ll have the opportunity to go through a detailed examination with the doctor.  You can expect thorough neurological testing, paraspinal thermography scans, orthopedic testing, a chiropractic exam, and postural scans.

The consultation is complimentary. If you’re a good fit for our office and choose to follow through with an exam, the cost is $195.

After your initial consultation and exam, we invite you back for a second visit where you’ll receive a report of findings where the doctor will discuss everything he found with you during the exam and present a plan based on your individual needs to help you achieve your goals.