Getting Back To The Basics

Written By Dr. Daniel Kimbley

Let’s face it, life is complicated. We all have decisions to make, deadlines to meet, relationships to upkeep, and a host of other things that pop-up in our day to day lives. We all have challenges, so if you feel like you’re on an island alone…you’re not.

The thing about the complex nature of our lives is that we live in a world where everywhere we turn, someone is trying to sell us the next secret, hack, or silver bullet that will supposedly make our lives easier overnight.

Complex diets, complex exercise routines, misinformation about nutrition and supplementation, hormone replacement, drinking this water and not “that” water, cold showers versus sauna baths. The list could go on and on.

The point is, all of these ‘hacks’ or shortcuts (and the products sold with them) can make our already complex lives infinitely more complex. The more complex something is, the less likely you are to stick to it for the long haul.

As if we weren’t already experiencing enough stress from life’s complexities, John’s Hopkins University just released a startling fact that reveals just how much stress we are under: “the typical American goes through more physical, chemical and emotional stress in thirty days than their grandparents did in their entire lifetime.” 

What most people forget, however, is that stepping back to look at the big picture rather than focusing all of the nuances or ‘hacks’ can make life significantly less complex and arguably more meaningful. One of my mentors through chiropractic school told me a few years ago that “If you never leave the basics, then you don’t ever have to get back to them”. Such a powerful statement. You should probably read it again: “If you never leave the basics, then you never have to get back to them”.

While everyone is chasing the next cool thing, the newest hack, or looking for the quick fix to their every problem, they end up zig-zagging back and forth rather than making forward progress towards their goals. Does this sound familiar?

I’m going to have you consider that rather than zig-zagging, chasing the next cool thing or next quick fix, just start doing the basics PROPERLY and you will achieve whatever it is you want.

In the gym, I see people all the time who want to get better at pull-ups, overhead squats, and double-unders yet rather than just focusing on the one movement will make all of those stronger they spend all of their time looking for the quickest shortcuts to get all of them. If a person just focused on doing strict pull ups PERFECTLY, then all of the other things would drastically improve because they have focused on the basics rather than seeking the shortcuts to what looks cool in the moment.

The same is true for health, I’ve watched members of my family chase fad diet after fad diet to no success.  

That’s why neurology comes first. Getting back to basics would be to understand that your neurology-your nervous system-controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Having a healthy nervous system is the basis for optimal function throughout every phase of life.

Stop taking shortcuts to get the health results you want for you and your family members. Optimizing your nervous system will ensure healthy development, fast healing, and full expression of potential throughout every phase of life.

Ask us how we can help you get back to the basics today so that you are better able to expand, and adapt to all of the complexities life throws your way.

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