Toxic Clothes

Written by Dr. Alyssa Puorro We are constantly bombarded with environmental toxins — in the air, in the water, in  our everyday household items. The same is true for the clothing you may be wearing.  Since your clothes are on your skin all day, and chemicals...

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What’s That Sound

Written by Dr. Daniel Kimbley Have you ever been sitting eating dinner with someone and you notice that not only are they chewing with their mouths open, but you can hear their lips smacking and tongue crackling with salvia at every bite? What about hearing someone...

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How To Pay MORE In Taxes

Written by Dr. Daniel Kimbley Would you rather pay one million dollars in taxes or ten million dollars in taxes? Go ahead answer. Take as long as you'd like, it's not a trick question. While many of you are probably thinking that the OBVIOUS answer is "I'd prefer...

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