Making Decisions That Bring You Power

Written by Dr. Daniel Kimbley

What big changes are you looking to make in your life? Is it a different job, a move to a new city, or learning a new skill?

My greatest mentor, Dr. Eric Plasker, has told me more than 100 times “Change is easy, thinking about change is hard.”

One of the hardest things in life to do is to make a decision and stick to it. Often times, however, I hear people use the excuse that they don’t have a choice.

For example, a few months ago, we had a new client come into our office and as we went through the consultation we had a conversation about blood pressure medication. This person, and others including members of my own family, use the excuse that “I don’t have a choice, I HAVE to take it”.

Just as I did with this person, I’m going to have you consider that the decisions they made every day of their lives led them to be put on this medication.

In my experience, I’ve found that there is always a decision, and that there are consequences to those decisions. Some are positive consequences, some are negative.

In other words, you have complete control over the outcomes of your life. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s within your reach depending on the decisions you make today.

If being medicated for the rest of your life is something you want to avoid, start seeking other, natural options for the health of you and your family members. Options that can be found right here in our office.

One way to get around the tough decision of making changes in your life is to focus on only a few of the most viable options for whatever you want, rather than looking at every single minute possibility or decision. 

“Barry Schwartz, a psychology professor argues that having an infinite number of choices is paralyzing and exhausting. We set unrealistic expectations and blame ourselves for choosing what we believe to be the wrong decision.” 1

Rather than beating ourselves up over past decisions, it’s best to just realize that we always have the power of decision to change what we want, and to achieve everything we want out of life.

You get to choose. Make decisions that bring you power, clarity, and productivity.

One interesting fact is that having a healthy spine and nervous system actually allows you to make better decisions-decisions that will help you in determining good versus bad and right versus wrong.

Remember, “Change is easy, thinking about change is hard.” 2

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2 Plasker, E. (2013). The 100-year lifestyle( 2nd ed.). Avon, MA: Adams Media.

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