A Natural Gift We ALL Share

Written by Dr. Daniel Kimbley

The more I stop and think about the conversations I’m in on a daily basis, I bet that at least once a day I hear someone say “Man I wish I were as good as [fill in the blank] at that”. While it’s good to admire and acknowledge those with high-level skills, I’m going to have you consider that you have the same ability to achieve whatever it is that you’re looking to achieve.

Of course, there are limitations of matter, but generally speaking you’re just as capable of achieving what you want for yourself or for your family as the next person.

Most people aren’t naturally gifted at anything. Two-time CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser talks about his success this way: “I consciously seek out every day ‘what am I bad at?’ And ‘how can I pound this weakness until it’s a strength?”

Even for elite athletes, the trick isn’t that they are lucky or naturally gifted. The secret is that they are naturals at putting in hard and consistent work to make themselves better. They can focus their energy and attention without wavering to create skills and abilities that look natural.

And while they should be given credit, you should give yourself more!

There is one thing that we are ALL naturally gifted in…and that is our body’s ability to heal itself. No matter who you are, where you are, where you came from, or how you grew up, your body has the exact same ability to heal itself as the next person. Your natural gift is your body’s ability to heal naturally-without drugs or surgery. YOU were designed this way.

The decisions we make on a daily basis determine how much stress our bodies undergo and ultimately how well they can heal. More stress compromises our body’s ability to heal itself. 

Think of your body’s 30 trillion cells like a bucket for handling and adapting to stress. As you fill up your bucket, at some point it is going to overflow. The overflow can feel like aches and pains, physical sickness, back pain, or general lack of energy. 

What if you had a bigger bucket? How much more could you achieve and accomplish? What goals would you hit? How much more present could you be with family and friends? How much more value could you add in your workplace?

Interference to the master control system of the body, your nervous system is what handles and adapts to stress.

Functional chiropractic care is sure to optimize your body’s natural ability to heal itself by removing interference to your nervous system. 

Functional Care is a sure bet to capitalize on your most natural ability, which is to heal yourself so that you can function optimally and do what you love to do through every phase of life.

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