How To Pay MORE In Taxes

Written by Dr. Daniel Kimbley Would you rather pay one million dollars in taxes or ten million dollars in taxes? Go ahead answer. Take as long as you'd like, it's not a trick question. While many of you are probably thinking that the OBVIOUS answer is "I'd prefer...

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Trusting Your Gut Instincts

Trusting Your Gut Instincts Written by Dr. Daniel Kimbley Here's a scenario for you, play along. You're introduced to a person at an event for the very first time and your initial reaction to meeting this person is that there is something that isn't quite right about them....

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Healthy Food Prep Made Easy

Written by Heather Kimbley B.S, PTA, AAS For many families, eating healthy is a top priority. For our family specifically, we focus on the 80/20 principle. Eighty-percent of the week we eat what we consider healthy foods for our bodies (grain-free, minimum sugar, high fat and...

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