Improvements in body function, mood, ability to focus & overall health.

I have been seeing Dr. Kimbley for a little over two months now and am very impressed with the care and service I have received. It is clear that Dr. Kimbley and his wife, Heather, care tremendously about their patients and are passionate about the work they do. I have seen improvements in my body function, mood, ability to focus, and overall health. I would highly recommend Dr. Kimbley to anyone seeking betterment in their quality of life, as I have learned that chiropractics does so much more than just help with back problems (tho, it does help with that too!)

Adam D

A High Level Entrepreneur And Musician

Looking For More Power And Presence?

Something seemingly simple could have such a profound effect on my body.

When I started going to Dr. Daniel (I had been to other Chiropractors before) so I expected the results. I had been taking a sleep aid for 10+ years and I literally had to roll off the bed in the morning due to lower back pain. If that wasn’t bad enough I started to have extreme charlie horse cramps in my right leg. To say the least I was a mess.

After only 3 1/2 months, I’m sleeping naturally, can swing my legs off the bed in the morning without issue and the charlie horse muscle cramps have stopped. I’m more alert and much more capable of dealing with the day to day stresses of owning and running a business.

Who would have thought something seemingly simple could have such a profound effect on my body. Thank you Dr. Daniel & Heather!!!

Penney M

Better mood and mental health!

I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in January 2017, while taking my weekly treatment I was referred to Dr. Kimbley. He helped me control pain, headaches but most importantly, he helped me a lot emotionally. I learned as anyone with chronic pain can attest to, this discomfort can have a serious impact on mood and mental health and Dr. Kimbley helped me tremendously.

Ashley F

Health and performance to the next level!

I would absolutely recommend care with Dr. Kimbley and the Nexus Family if you are at all interested in taking your health and performance to the next level. Dr. Daniel and his wife Heather always treated me with respect, kindness and my health a #1 priority. I look forward to my next visit soon.

Dan T.

Absolutely LOVE the service provided.

Absolutely LOVE the service provided by Nexus Family Chiropractic! Dr. Daniel has helped me with back pain during my pregnancy and he and Heather are amazing people! They provide great customer service and are always willing to work with your schedule! I TRULY appreciate the help with my back but also the positive attitude and passion they have and share everyday!

Katie N.